VS Consultancy’s Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Manual

We are delighted to announce this new product to assist small and medium-sized practices to comply with their various responsibilities in respect of anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. This manual is being published with relevant persons in mind, ie for firms and individuals who are accountants, tax advisers insolvency practitioners and/or trust or company service providers. 

Running an accounting firm can seem like a battle on many fronts.

In recent years we have seen increasing regulation, complex legislative changes, rising staff and infrastructure costs, renewed pressures on pricing, more demanding clients and greater competition.
All of which have had a marked impact on long term profitability and create a constant demand for measured change and continuous improvement.

Ensuring efficiency, quality and compliance:
Staff utilisation and client satisfaction depend upon timely execution and high confidence in your professional staff.

Managing more
Getting the work done can be hard enough, but creating the right conditions for good work to be done can be even tougher.

Developing the practice:
For practice leaders with the vision and determination to turn problems into opportunities


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