VS Consultancy’s Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Manual

Designed for SMPs

We are delighted to announce this new product to assist small and medium-sized practices to comply with their various responsibilities in respect of anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. This manual is being published with relevant persons in mind, ie for firms and individuals who are accountants, tax advisers insolvency practitioners and/or trust or company service providers. It is up to date for the changes introduced in January 2020, and will help you to implement effective, proportionate arrangements in order to identify possible instances of money laundering or financing of terrorism, and to mitigate risk.

The VS Consultancy Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Manual is now available.

If you would like to have a look at how the product works before making a decision to buy you can download a demo version here. Please note that this is a safe download, created entirely by us. For further help click here.

Of course, VS Consultancy can also provide AML training tailored to your firm’s circumstances, and we would be happy to support you (and your AML Compliance Officer) in your AML compliance reviews.

The cost of the VS Consultancy AML Compliance Manual is £230 plus VAT. For any enquiries, simply email info@vesconsultants.com.